Advertising Characters as Brand Ambassadors

Our mission is to develop products that will not contribute to the ever increasing tons of rubbish in the landfill that require decades to decompose. These creative cardboard characters can be recycled or quickly biodegrade without harming the environment.
These attractive mini figures subtly convey a message and will be admired for a considerable period of time and perhaps passed on from one person to another. This is the impression of Brand Publicity.

Our Specialisation

We take much pleasure in creating this unique 3-dimensional shape for brand promotion or marketing of products or services.

calafant werbefiguren bausatz

Special Features

It is an environmentally friendly product made of cardboard as a potential play-thing that you want to keep. This provides a longer attention span to the user and having the benefit of recognising the brand. These cardboard figures are effortlessly assembled in our patented “Easy-lock” system. They are attractive, inexpensive, can be easily transported, distributed and stored without taking up valuable space.

Marketing Theme in a Card

We have years of experience in paper packaging as well as developing our own creative Cardboard Land of Fantasies as seen in We can customize all your marketing ideas, slogans, designs preference in cardboard and print.

Design and Print

We use high-quality, sturdy and recyclable cardboard, in DIN A4 or DIN A5 format to create your personal design in a simple pre-punched mini set, printed with food-safe colours.

calafant werbefiguren fallturm

Application & Presentation

The flat cards can be widely distributed at marketing events, trade fairs, retail outlets, or mailed to potential customers. They are also ideal as inserts in catalogues, magazines, books … the possibilities are unlimited.

A Playful Promotional Element

This creative mini figure can be playfully constructed using the pre-cut pieces without glue or scissors. It will draw someone’s attention and communicate the message of your brand. This acts as your marketing or brand advertisement in a small but significant approach.

Quality & Value

With the patented “Easy-lock” system, the parts are easily attached and the figure is stable to stand on its own. It’s a fun do-it-yourself test and use it as a great marketing tool to promote your brand.

Our Great Passion

We simply enjoy developing original cardboard interlocking mini-figures as your brand representatives. We trust the users will derive lots of fun assembling them while experiencing a little sense of creativity and achievement wherever they are at.

There are different design templates, features and motives to choose from or we can specially make one exclusively for you.

You can find out more about CALAFANT Brand Publicity design options HERE >>


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