calafant werbefiguren

We have countless ideas to suit your advertising projects

eg. robots representing IT companies, Santa Claus for Christmas greetings, a seagull promoting tourism, an animal for snacks or food companies etc.

We integrate your corporate image content with the right design as a whole package with the choice of colours and fonts in mind.

Elements from your company presentation support your brand and make it unique

On the cards on which the motive is printed, there is still enough space for accompanying information, matching the purpose of your planned promotion.

calafant werebfiguren ideen

    We make your company mascot or a chosen character or object either from our existing templates or we can develop something completely new for you. Unique and exclusive!
    There is ample space to print your message here.
    Outline your proposition or objectives of your event or marketing campaign etc.
    Add your contact details.
  5. LOGO
    This is where your corporate logo stands out.
    We can always find space for additional details of your company.

calafant werbefiguren karten

The back of the card can also be printed with other patterns and texts

It can also be a plain template of the same shape as the other side for the purpose of self-colouring.

For more information or to discuss a personalised design, please email or give us a call:
+49 (0) 421 48 39 11

You can find out more about CALAFANT Brand Publicity and our concept HERE >>